Quality Policy and Assurance

PRESSTECH (INDIA) intend to supply quality product at right price. We believe in building long-term relationship with customers who are leaders and innovative in their industries.

Any Challenging assignment which means import substitutions would particularly interest us.

PRESSTECH (INDIA) strive to produce the best sheet metal heat treated components to match the quality parameters communicated by our customers and supported by our best services JIT standards in a most cost-effective manner.

PRESSTECH (INDIA) management is fully committed towards compliance of the requirements of your customers, local & central government agencies as well as those laid down in ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management Systems.

PRESSTECH (INDIA) Management and its employees fully understand their obligations and hence keep an open mind towards learning and enhancing their skill toward continuous improvement in their work area.

Quality Assurance :

Wide Range of Internal & External Circlips, E-Clips, Spring Dowel Sleeves, Spiral Dowel Sleeves, Grip type Retainer Rings, Bearing Washers, Belleville Washers, Dish Washers, C-Clips, Hose Clamp, Shim Washers, Snap Rings and high precision press parts as per customer's special requirements.

Special Thickness :

Circlips and Rings can be manufactured and supplied in standard & non- standard thicknesses subject to prior enquiry and quotation.

Heat Treatment :

We have our own Heat Treatment plant consisting of continuous belt furnace & Pit type Furnace Different Tests are carried out by qualified engineers to verify the heat treated processes.

Finish :

Our products are supplied in various finishes like Blueing, Blackening, Zinc, Copper, Nickel, Chromes & Cadmium Plating, as per the requirements of our customers.

Quality Systems :

As a part of ISO 9001:2008 activities, we have well defined Quality Systems.

Quality Control :

Our Aim is to provide the highest quality at a competitive price. Our products were thoroughly inspected right from the stage of selection of raw materials to the final stage of finishing.

Quality Manual :

We also have a quality manual, which demonstrates the quality system followed in the organization. It also specifies the company's quality policy and its objectives, which is clearly communicated and understood within the organization and reviewed periodically.

Quality system Procedure :

We have established quality system procedure in line with our Quality Policy. Work instructions, quality records, contract review, document and data control, product identification and traceability, calibration and control of inspection, measuring and test equipment are few features of our Quality System Procedures. Statistical Process Control (SPC) & FMEA is being used to continually improve the effectiveness of the quality Management System.

Quality Management System Audit :

Process Audit and Internal Audit are carried out as per Audit plans by senior technicians.